Pink Ginger supports WASTE FREE AND HAIR AID



At Pink Ginger Hairdressing we support Hair Aid Inc. Each year we send our staff to remote locations with the Hair Aid team where they teach the impoverish the skill of haircutting so they are able to feed and clothe their families. For more information on Hair Aid go to



By having a Haircut you are helping the planet and humanity.

Pink Ginger Hairdressing is a Waste Free Salon.

RESPECT… our environment, for the good of the planet

REPURPOSE… our resources for the good of humanity.

The majority of salon waste ends up down the drain in water supply or a landfill. Being a Waste Free Salon means our Aluminium, colour tubes, hair, plastics, razors and chemical waste are collected and repurposed. Your hair is helping our environment. A small $2 surcharge is applied to all invoices allowing us to provide ‘Waste Free Systems’.

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